Car Loan Counselor: How to Profit from Cash Advance!

July 20, 2019 0 By admin

Refrain from the car loan offered by the car dealer, even if this is granted at 0% interest! Only then you benefit from the lucrative cash discount!

Car loan tip: Decline dealer credit, even if it is still so cheap! Often, car dealerships even offer 0% financing, which seems attractive at first glance! But it is not. Refuse the dealer credit gratefully, because only then you benefit fully from the lucrative cash discount! Did you know that you can also benefit from the attractive cash payment discount when buying a car on loan ? Yes, that is possible! And here you can find out how it works!

Car Loan Mystery: Of course, the car salesman does not tell you that!

Car Loan Mystery: Of course, the car salesman does not tell you that!

Who buys his car on credit, waived with advantage on the loan offered by the car dealer (this is also called dealer credit) and instead choose an independent lender. This is the only way to profit from the cash discount! You should also refrain from the dealer credit, if this is done at zero interest!

Important: As a rule, the customer always drives better with an independent car loan financing!

Even if the seller wants to make you a very attractive loan offer palatable, it is advisable to conclude the loan anyway with an external lender ! Because only so you can with the car dealer as a cash payer occur and so discounts of 10-15% negotiate. Such discounts can easily compensate for the borrowing costs, so you can save a lot on this option. Even if the car dealer offers you a cheaper lending rate, the option of financing via the external bank is always worthwhile.
Already with a small car with list price USD 20’000 you save 1’500 USD! With a middle class car of USD 20’000 you already save 3’000 USD!

Only a few credit seekers know the following facts:

  1. In contrast to the bank Credit-mono also very small loan amounts are already possible from 200 USD!
  2. With the credit without Credit bureau formula can be systematically save up to 30% interest!
  3. At the Swiss credit institute Credit-mono, there are now loans without Credit bureau up to the maximum amount of 7,500 USD (previously limited to 3,500 USD)!
  4. No detail: Do you know the difference between credit without Credit bureau and credit despite Credit bureau ? More details: Credit without Credit bureau or credit despite Credit bureau?
  5. Important for people with Credit bureau problems: A credit WITHOUT Credit bureau should only ever be Plan B!