9 usurers reserved, lakhs seized in cash

Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh): An interstate gang of pawn shops has been dismantled. The villagers alleged that they were extracting exorbitant interest from the tribes in rural Jhabua.

Based on the complaint filed by the villagers, Kakanwani police arrested nine people from Tamil Nadu.

On the instructions of the Jhabua SP, a case was registered against the accused in the police stations of Kakanwani, Meghnagar, Thandla, Ranaparu and Jhabua Kotwali – under the relevant articles of the IPC and the Protection Act debtors.

Those arrested are: Periyadurai, son of Karpusamy Gadar, from Ottamchetram Tamil Nadu, Sakthivel, son of Kadirvel Gadar, from Devthar village, Autamchetram district, Mahesh Kumar, son of Karpusamy Dadar, from Mallampatti village , district of Palani, Muthukumar, son of Thangwe Gadar, from Ramnathagar, district of Palani, Karthik Raja, son of Murgaraj Gadar, from the village of Sinkardupatti, district of Dindigul, Tamil Nadu and currently residing in the enclosure of Surana, Meghnagar, Arun, son of Shivaswani Gowda, from Nallur Patti village, Dindigul district, Vasanthkumar, son of Rajendran Gowda, from Palanigondar Purur village, Dindigul district, Shivasami, son of Dandapani Gowda, from Salaipudur village , Tripura district and Sakthi Vel, son of Alagapan Gowda, originally from Kannamuch village, Selat district, Tamil Nadu and currently residing in Dileep Gate Jhabua.

Police said the tribals in the district lack awareness, so they are an easy target for these illegal pawn shops.

Tribal prefers to take loans from local lenders at a higher interest rate to avoid the hassle of paperwork.

The plaintiffs told police that a gang from Tamil Nadu was operating in the district. They attract innocent villagers by offering them loans at low interest rates, but they forcefully reclaim a high interest rate from the villagers.


Kakanwani police seized Rs 12.41 lakh in cash from the arrested accused. The investigation into this case is still ongoing and the final conclusion on the amount that was injected into this illegal business has not yet been established.

According to unconfirmed sources, the amount captured is believed to be far greater than the amount reported by police. Police seized two laptops, a total of 1,100 empty and full dairies, three expensive motorcycles from those arrested for wear and tear.

Posted on: Sunday December 26th, 2021 01:09 IST

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