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Actor Han So-hee admits his mother took out a loan in his name, but won’t repay her debt


Actor Han So-hee has admitted to allegations that his mother took out a loan with a bank account in Han’s name, but has “no intention of taking responsibility for his mother’s debt”. his agency 9Ato Entertainment said Monday.

Recently, a YouTube channel alleged that Han’s mother was facing fraud charges after borrowing 85 million won ($69,260) from an acquaintance and not paying it back. The YouTuber also alleged that a bank account in Han’s name was used in the process and as a result, Han was also sued for violating the Electronic Financial Transactions Act.

On Monday, Han’s agency released a statement saying they don’t know the exact details because the situation is related to Han’s personal life, but acknowledged that a bank account in Han’s name was used in the incident. case of alleged fraud.

“[Han’s] mother Shin used a bank account in Han’s name to borrow money,” the agency said. “The bank account was opened arbitrarily by Shin when Han was underage. She used it to take out loans without Han’s knowledge.

The agency added that Han said she had no plans to pay off her mother’s debts.

“It’s to stop [Han’s mother from] using his daughter’s name to borrow money and abusing the fact that his daughter is a famous celebrity for money,” he said.

According to the agency, Han experienced several similar incidents and civil lawsuits determined that Han did not share responsibility for his mother’s debt because Han was not responsible. A similar accusation was made public in 2020.

“We apologize to those who were damaged [by this incident]“, the agency said. “With our strong position, we hope that nothing like this will happen again.”

Han made his debut in 2017 and rose to fame through the JTBC series “The World of the Married” (2020). She then starred in JTBC’s “Nevertheless” (2021) and Netflix’s “My Name” (2021). Disney+’s original “Soundtrack #1” featuring Han and actor Park Hyung-sik is set to premiere on March 23.

BY HALEY YANG [[email protected]]