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Charkop woman threatened, defamed and tricked into loan app scam

A 24-year-old woman from Charkop went through the horror of loan application scam and ended up losing Rs. 4.5 lakh in the name of loan repayment which she never availed. The fraudsters threatened to defame her in front of her family and friends and extorted Rs. 4.5 lakh from her within 14 days. When she ran out of money and stopped paying, the scammer circulated her picture and prostitute number among her family members. Charkop Police, who have opened an investigation, suspect it was manual labor by a union as the woman was harassed by almost nine different loan applications.

On March 30, the woman received a WhatsApp (WA) message from an online loan application informing him that his loan repayment was overdue and that he should repay it as soon as possible. The woman who had never heard of the app before replied that she had never taken out a loan.

Soon, she received similar WA messages from different numbers informing her that the loan repayment was due. At least eight other such apps claimed she had taken a loan from them and that her payment was due. Some of them even threatened her, if she did not pay, they would circulate her obscene photographs among her friends and relatives.

The woman had in fact taken out a loan of Rs. 5,000 in August last year from another application with the last repayment date of April 18. While taking the loan, she allowed her contact list access to the app, which is how recovery agents got her contact list and used it to threaten her, the company said. Charkop police.

Afraid of being defamed, the woman agreed to pay and transfer Rs. 6,500 for an application, but that was just the start. The others also started threatening her to circulate her obscene photographs and extorted a total of Rs 4.5 lakh in just 14 days. The woman who works in the accounting department of a private company in Andheri got the money from her family and friends saying she urgently needed it.

On Tuesday, the woman begged them that she had nothing left and turned off her phone as the harassment continued. It was then that her friends and family members started receiving WA messages stating that the woman had taken out the loan from the apps and had not paid it back. That wasn’t the end, recovery workers even shared his photo with his sister, calling the victim a “prostitute” with his contact number under the photo.

The matter only came to light when her family members and friends contacted her after receiving the messages and, upon learning of them, advised her to contact the police. When her friends and family members contacted the alleged recovery workers to stop harassing her, they were even abused.

To make it look legit, some apps even transferred money to her account, however, our investigation revealed that the woman never requested it and the money was transferred in an attempt to extort her more money, making it an offence, an officer said. from the Charkop police station.

The police registered an offense under the section for cheating, defamation and criminal intimidation as well as a relevant section of the Information Technology Act and began their investigation.

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Posted: Friday, April 15, 2022, 11:59 PM IST