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Crop payment adjusted to loan, Haryana farmers threaten unrest : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

British Sharma
Kurukshetra, April 22

A 36-year-old farmer from Shahabad is worried because payment for the wheat crop credited by the Department of Food and Civil Supplies for the sale of his produce to his bank account has been applied to interest on his credit card account. credit Kisan (KCC).

Not in our hands

Farmers are advised to keep their books on time but they don’t pay attention. This is a policy issue and nothing can be done at the district level. Only the Ministry of Finance and the RBI can make a decision regarding the NPA in KCC. Rajeev Ranjan, Senior District Manager, Kurukshetra

The farmer, requesting anonymity, said: “Due to low yields from farming, I was unable to repay the loan on time. Things got worse this year with the drop in yield. Now the money received in the account has been adjusted against the loan. My children’s school fees are pending and the commissionaire’s money needs to be returned. I also need money to sow the paddy. I met the branch manager and the senior officer, but they expressed helplessness.

According to the bank, the farmer was maintaining a Kisan credit card limit at PNB Kharindwa branch with an amount of Rs 5 lakh and his account was overdue since March 2020. No amount was deposited in the account and he will become a non-performing asset (NPA) according to the auditor.

In April, Rs 1,20,900 was credited to his account by the department and it was applied to interest on his KCC account in accordance with the right to the bank’s appropriate rule for recovery of an irregular account.

Meanwhile, Bhartiya Kisan Union (Charuni) came out in favor of the farmer and claimed that many other farmers are facing a similar situation.

BKU (Charuni) spokesperson Rakesh Bains said, “The government has transferred the amount of the harvest directly to the farmers’ bank accounts. The government had assured the union that the banks would not withdraw the loan amounts from the crop payment. Yet the banks transfer the amount which is unacceptable.

“Farmers are already not getting remunerative prices for their crops and the cost of production is above the minimum support price. In addition, farmers also suffered crop losses. In such a situation, how are farmers supposed to survive? The money should be refunded. Otherwise, the union will give the call for an unrest. The union has also sent a letter to the Principal Secretary of the Government of Haryana in this context,” he said.