Bank loan

DIC Corporation enters into sustainability-linked loan agreement

A SLL is a loan that encourages borrowers to set ambitious sustainable performance (SPT) objectives that reflect their management strategies and encourages them to work towards these SPTs by linking the loan conditions, thus supporting activities business and growth that are both environmentally and socially sustainable.

DIC has positioned sustainability, including environmental issues, as a core management priority, and is actively working to expand its portfolio of products and services that contribute to decarbonization with the aim of playing a central role in reducing CO2 emissions. on markets and society.

In DIC Net Zero 2050, published in June 2021 and the long-term management plan “DIC Vision 2030”, the DIC Group revised its targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The Group now aims to achieve carbon neutrality – zero net CO2 emissions – by FY2050 and will seek to reduce these emissions by 50% from FY2013 levels by FY2030.

Norinchukin Bank promotes various sustainable management initiatives and has pledged to provide sustainable financing in the amount of 10 trillion yen by 2030 as one of its medium and long-term goals announced in May 2021. View affinity with the DIC philosophy As part of the Group’s sustainability strategy, the bank has agreed to extend an SLL to DIC based on its assessment that this loan will contribute to the resolution of issues related to change climate change, such as reducing CO2 emissions.

Recognizing the need to respond to climate change as one of four priority materiality themes, DIC promotes sustainability initiatives targeting both mitigation and adaptation. The company’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by FY2050 and reducing emissions (scopes 1 and 2) by 50% from FY2013 levels by FY2030 has been selected as the SPT for this SLL.