Satori 34 Thu, 02 Dec 2021 14:37:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Satori 34 32 32 Cyberabad police raided fake Dhani Loan Bazar call center in Noida, arrested 14 Thu, 02 Dec 2021 13:04:34 +0000 Hyderabad: Cyberabad cybercrime police raided a bogus call center operating out of Sector 63, Noida, and arrested 14 people, including seven women, on Thursday. The call center operated on behalf of Dhani Loan Bazaar (www. and They pretended to be a loan platform and deceived people to the tune of hundreds of thousands of rupees.

The gang has been implicated in nine cases in Cyberabad police station, five cases in other districts of Telangana and 13 cases in other states. The gang also made calls on behalf of The Loan India, Paisa Loan Hub and Mudra Loan Finance.

In October, the gang cheated on a man to the tune of over Rs. 2 crore. The victim had visited Dhani Loan Bazaar (DLB) website and entered their contact details such as name, cell phone number, email address, loan amount required and loan type in the form of demand. On October 17, he received a call from Deepak Sharma, an executive at DLB, asking him to share his PAN, Aadhaar and payslips via WhatsApp.

The fraudster informed the complainant that he was eligible for a personal loan of Rs. 5 lakh. He then claimed money for various fees such as processing fees, insurance fees, GST, loan application fees, grants, and electronic customs clearance fees. The victim transferred Rs. 2,17,366 in nine different transactions.

Those arrested have been identified as Rajendra Kumar, Brijesh Kumar Thakur, Akash Bhati, Nitin Kumar, Hemalata, Ritik Singh, Hemant Rawat, Radhika Yadav, Sadhana Kumari, Sarswati Halder, Kajal Singh, Nisha Varun, Kanchan Singh and Puthan. Two others, Abishek Mishra and Abishek Mishra, flee. Police seized three laptops, 37 cell phones, SIM cards and ATM cards from the gang.

Abishek Mishra, Rajendra Kumar and Brijesh Kumar Thakur had opened a call center in Sector 63, Noida. They had bought used cell phones and laptops. Akash Bhati collected data on loan seekers from Dileep Kumar, who in turn developed fake websites on behalf of popular loan websites like DLB. During this time, Nitin Kumar opened bank accounts and withdrew money, and Hemalata conducted interviews, recruited telephone operators and trained them on how to speak with victims. Ritik Singh and Hemant Rawat sent loan approval and follow-up letters to victims for confirmation.

Cyberabad police have advised people not to answer calls from credit companies asking for money under the guise of granting loans. Don’t share your PAN, Aadhar card, and other details with anyone on WhatsApp, they said.

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Pressure mounts on big banks as Avant cuts lending rates Thu, 02 Dec 2021 02:30:00 +0000

The pressure is mounting on the big banks, with a new round of mortgage rate cuts introduced by the provider of the cheapest mortgage loans on the market.

Before Money will again lower 15 of its fixed rates, the Independent Irish has learned.

Leitrim-headquartered lender is expanding coverage to make mortgages available nationwide.

When it was first launched here, it limited its operations to cities and large urban areas.

Meanwhile, from Monday, Finance Ireland cuts its fixed rates to 10, 15 and 20 years and introduces a new 25-year fixed rate. Most rates fall by 0.10 percentage points.

Finance Ireland is also introducing a limited offer of € 1,500 for professional fees related to switching and adopting a long-term fixed rate.

Avant Money, which belongs to the Spanish banking group Bankinter, is reducing its fixed rates to 0.30%, which will put pressure on its competitors.

The lender, which offers its products through brokers, seriously disrupted the market when it was the first to offer mortgages below 2% when it moved to Ireland last year.

He introduced the lowest rate of 1.95pc for those with mortgages of 60pc or less of the value of their home.

Avant Money is not reducing that rate this time, but is reducing the cost of 15 of its different fixed rates and two of its variable tracking rates, which borrowers return when they end their fixed rate term.

The reductions will translate into thousands of euros in savings for first-time buyers and money changers who take out an Avant Money mortgage.

The new rates apply to a variety of loan values.

Until now, its best rates have been reserved for first-time buyers with larger deposits and for movers and money changers who have built up a large amount of equity in their homes.

The new rates should be particularly attractive for first-time buyers. This is because new buyers generally need a higher mortgage.

Avant Money, like most lenders, offers better rates to those with lower loan-to-value ratios.

Beginning next week, Avant Money will offer a three-year fixed rate of 2.20pc to 90pc of loan against value.

That’s 0.15 percentage point lower than the next best deal on the market.

Switchers needing a mortgage of € 250,000 over 20 years, with a loan of 70% on value, could save up to € 56,000 over the term of their mortgage with the new fixed rate of less than three years.

This is based on a Avant Money rate of 2.05 pc compared to the Bank of Ireland three-year rate of 3 pc.

Avant Money said the rate cuts would provide an additional incentive to change for KBC and Ulster Bank customers, who may be considering their mortgage options in the coming months.

With the departure of two banks imminent, Avant Money aims to become the fourth largest mortgage provider here after AIB, Bank of Ireland and Permanent TSB.

Despite non-bank lenders Before, ICS Mortgages and Finance Ireland recently cut rates and offered innovations such as 30-year maturities, AIB and Bank of Ireland had little reaction.

Brian Lande, head of mortgages at Avant Money, said the lender’s products are now available to customers across Ireland as it expands its range of locations. and appointed new brokers.

“The advice and guidance provided by our panel of mortgage brokers is particularly valuable for consumers who want to compare their full range of options in the market,” he said.

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Why Cash Flow Is Crucial In The Real Estate Industry After COVID-19 | AFN News Wed, 01 Dec 2021 16:54:35 +0000
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Looking to the future: Why cash flow is critical in the real estate industry after COVID-19

Posted on December 1, 2021

Harish Sharma, Founder and CEO, Plinthstone

As a typical ‘black swan’ event, COVID-19 has taken the world by surprise. Although the Indian economy is once again opening up for business, the impact of the pandemic will have a lingering effect on the real estate sector as there have been big changes in the way a female client buys, its increased demands, its affordability. reduced and doubt about the project. completion deadlines, especially those under construction. By acting today and managing their cash flow, real estate leaders can better serve end users and ensure their own viability.

The real estate boom of the last decade

A new home is a middle class person’s dream. Between the periods 2004 – 2012, the real estate boom appeared in India and a lot of money was invested in this market. The economy was booming, with increased employment in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, resulting in an affordable price. The developers easily found investors and were able to self-finance projects. The startup of software, IT and other multinational enterprises required rapid construction and commercial real estate development. With each passing year, these developments translated into higher prices. As a result, unsold properties (under construction) attracted a higher price and deferred sales became the norm. With funding readily available from investors and unorganized sources, cash flow was not an issue.

Price correction and regulation

As of 2013, ever-increasing prices meant a lack of affordability for customers. Sales slowed down and consequently new launches. As projects started to be delayed – firstly due to lack of approvals (real estate projects in India take a long time to complete due to a complicated regulatory mechanism and this resulted in a lack of consumer confidence ) and secondly due to the decrease in investor funding (as customers found it unaffordable to buy a home), cash flow issues came to the fore. This was exacerbated by the introduction of the RERA law in 2016 with the flight to quality. The segment faced regulations that made financing more difficult. The stock of unsold real estate assets started to grow and therefore suffered price corrections, creating a vicious cycle.

The importance of cash flow after the pandemic

It is not uncommon for real estate developers to find themselves in a cash flow crisis. However, India’s real estate sector, which was already experiencing a prolonged downturn, hit a new low last year due to the pandemic, causing project launches and sales to halt temporarily.

To ensure collection, cash flow management for projects is very crucial. To ensure smooth cash flow management, developers should work on the following parameters when planning their project:

1. Project management A plan highlighting the project scope, timelines and associated costs for each phase for effective cash flow management should be prepared. Most of the projects are commercially viable. However, as deadlines get out of hand, escalating project costs and liquidity begin to affect profitability.

2. A robust financial plan with both equity investment from outside investors and debt financing is essential. Historically, unorganized financing and sales to clients have been the main sources of capital. To ensure proper execution, equity and debt capital have become important.

3. The properties must be correct price for its targeted consumer. In order to make the project attractive to the client, the developer can either sell at a low price to generate volumes or add good features and equipment (relevant to the target segment) to create a good value proposition. You have to create value for the customer. In addition, it is important to build trust with the consumer through effective communication.

4. Make sure the right experience is delivered through the distribution channels. Use reliable real estate advice to support sales. Right-priced sales can help developers comfortably manage their cash flow needs instead of relying solely on debt financing without adequate sales.

For real estate developers, the COVID-19 outbreak has created challenges and pressures alongside the economic downturn, but it is also bringing opportunities and change. If managed properly and with foresight, a balanced cash flow can help recovery and bring stability to the industry. The real estate industry is emerging from a long period of slow growth and falling prices. For gamers who will focus on cash flow management, customer experience, and trust, the sky will be the limit for these gamers.

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What does refinancing an auto loan cost? Wed, 01 Dec 2021 14:30:12 +0000

Refinancing your auto loan does not have a cost per se, but there may be costs involved in the process depending on your situation. The goal of refinancing is usually to save money each month by reducing your loan payment. Let’s see how it works and what it could cost you.

What is refinancing?

Refinancing is a process used to secure a new loan agreement on your existing vehicle. This is often done through a new lender, but you can check with your current lender if they have refinancing options.

The goal is to save you money on your monthly loan payments, either by lowering your interest rate, extending the term of your loan, or both. All of these options save you money each month, but only a lower interest rate saves you money overall. If you simply extend the term of your loan without lowering your interest rate, you’ll end up paying more for your car in the long run.

Refinancing costs?

Refinancing has no fixed costs, there are no associated costs as such. However, the process of refinancing your vehicle can come with costs at different times, depending on where you live and the lender you work with.

For example, some lenders may charge application or transaction fees. Additionally, some auto loans come with an early termination fee that applies when you cancel your loan early for any reason, including refinancing. And, depending on where you live, you may need to pay new registration fees or title transfer fees when title to your car is transferred to the new lien holder.

ACE advice: If you’re looking to lower your financing costs, be sure to do your homework before heading to a new lender. If there are ETFs associated with your loan, compare them to your estimated savings from refinancing to decide if it’s worth it.

Refinancing and bad credit

Like many things that go with traditional auto loans, refinancing generally requires a good credit score – around 670 or higher. However, if you originally took out a bad credit car loan, you may be able to refinance if your credit has improved since you took out your loan.

This usually takes a while, and most auto loans are not available for refinancing until at least a year from the original date of the loan. Refinancing can be a good opportunity for borrowers with poor credit to lower their rates, as they are generally eligible for auto loans with higher interest rates.

Having a better credit rating is just the start if you want to qualify for refinance. You also need to have a vehicle and loan amount that are within the range of the new lender, and you cannot have negative equity in the car.

Ready for refinancing?

If you’re ready to refinance your vehicle to save money on your monthly car loan expenses, we want to help. We have the refinancing resources you are looking for. To get started today, simply request a refinance through one of our trusted refinancing partners.

If you need a new vehicle as well as a new car loan, we can help connect you with a dealership in your area that works with bad credit borrowers. TO Auto Express Credit, we have a nationwide network of special finance dealers who are registered with subprime lenders. Start your auto loan journey today by filling out our quick and free auto loan application form and we’ll connect you with a local dealership. Start now!

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Brian Kelly’s 10-year deal with LSU football includes $ 1.2 million residency loan and mind-blowing bonuses Wed, 01 Dec 2021 05:23:00 +0000

New LSU football coach Brian Kelly is expected to receive just over $ 100 million in base pay over 10 years, according to a terms sheet USA TODAY Sports received from the school on Tuesday night.

The deal – which goes through a satisfactory background check and LSU board approval – makes Kelly the first public school coach on a nine-figure contract.

His salary is categorized as a base salary of $ 400,000 per year, additional pay that starts at an annual rate of $ 8.6 million, and a “longevity” payment of $ 500,000 which he will receive if he does. is at work every July 1st. The start date is “no later than” November 28, and the first year ends December 31, 2023.

His baseline total of $ 9.5 million for 2022 will tie him to Mel Tucker of State of Michigan as the second-highest-paid public school coach behind Nick Saban of Alabama, who is expected to earn 9.9 millions of dollars. The state of Michigan on Monday unveiled the terms of Tucker’s $ 95 million 10-year deal.

Lincoln Riley left Oklahoma for the University of Southern California on Monday. The terms of this agreement have not been made public.

FOLLOWING: Crazy numbers of four new college football coaching contracts

A LOT OF MONEY: Here are four reasons why college football coaching salaries have gone crazy

Brian Kelly spent 12 seasons coaching Notre Dame.

Kelly’s additional salary has a series of planned increases – to $ 8.8 million in 2023, $ 9 million in 2025, $ 9.2 million in 2027, $ 9.4 million in 2029 and 9, $ 6 million in 2031. But the agreement contains provisions that will allow it to increase these payments. It also offers the possibility of $ 1.325 million in annual bonuses, including $ 500,000 each time LSU is “eligible for the bowl.” This is probably the biggest bonus to becoming eligible for a boules game that does not involve a contract extension.

The first time LSU wins the Southeastern Conference Championship game under Kelly, his additional salary will increase by $ 250,000 for each remaining year of tenure. If this happened in Kelly’s first season, it would increase the value of the deal by $ 2.25 million. In addition, the first time LSU wins the National Championship, his additional salary will increase by $ 500,000 for each remaining year of the term. So if that happened in Kelly’s first season as well, the deal would increase in value by a total of $ 6.75 million.

Kelly’s base and extra pay – a total that starts at $ 95 million – are 90 percent guaranteed if Kelly is fired without cause. If LSU wins a National Championship, the remaining base salary and additional salary will be 100% guaranteed.

As long as LSU’s athletic director is Scott Woodward, Kelly will owe the school money if he ends the deal without cause. If Kelly leaves LSU without cause by December 31, 2022, he will owe the school $ 4 million. If Kelly leaves in 2023, he will owe $ 3 million. After that he owed $ 2 million. If Woodward is no longer LSU’s DA, then Kelly will not be subject to any payment to the school for his departure.

Kelly will have ample opportunity to increase her compensation through incentive payments available annually. In addition to the $ 500,000 Bowl Eligibility Bonus, if LSU played in any of the six college football playoff-related games, it would get the best of:

► $ 100,000 if the team is not in the semi-finals.

► $ 200,000 if the team is in the semi-finals.

► $ 300,000 if the team qualifies for the final.

► $ 500,000 if the team wins the championship.

If LSU plays in the SEC title game, Kelly will get a bonus of $ 75,000, plus an additional $ 75,000 if the Tigers win.

Kelly can get an additional $ 125,000 in bonuses for Coach of the Year awards and $ 50,000 depending on the academics on the team.

Kelly’s condition sheet also states that he will receive an interest-free loan, not to exceed $ 1.2 million, designed to cover 20% of the purchase price of Kelly’s primary residence, which is to be located at less than 30 miles from LSU’s Baton Rouge campus. Kelly will eventually have to repay the loan, plus 20% of any increase in the value of the home.

LSU will cover the amount of any buyback amount Kelly owes Notre Dame for terminating her contract there, although the list of conditions does not provide the actual dollar amount.

Additionally, Kelly will receive 50 hours of private plane time each year for personal use.

Follow college reporter Steve Berkowitz on Twitter @Berkowitz.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: College Football: Brian Kelly’s LSU Deal Has Staggering Bonuses

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Michigan coalition plans campaign to cut payday loan rates Tue, 30 Nov 2021 21:16:46 +0000

Lansing – A coalition of Michigan groups has taken the first step towards launching a petition campaign to dramatically reduce the rates payday lenders can charge customers for short-term loans.

Last Wednesday, a ballot proposal committee called Michiganders for Fair Lending submitted the wording of its petition to the State Department. The group hopes to use the state initiative process to collect 340,047 signatures and submit its proposal to voters in November 2022.

“We are a Fair Lending Coalition for Michigan,” said Pastor Dallas Lenear of Journey Church of Grand Rapids. “Together, we are working to protect consumers and end abusive payday lending practices.

“Proverbs 22:22 says ‘Don’t exploit the poor for being poor.…’ Yet that is precisely what the predatory payday lenders are doing here in Michigan.”

The practices of payday lenders have been a subject of debate in Lansing for years. In 2020, Michigan House approved a bill that would have more than quadrupled the amount short-term lenders could lend at any given time. But the legislation stalled in the state Senate.

Under Michiganders for Fair Lending’s proposal, service fees charged by lenders would be capped at an annual percentage rate of 36%. According to the group, some Michigan lenders are currently charging fees as high as 370% APR.