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Government at the IMF, request for a loan from the World Bank

Finance and Planning Minister Dr Mwigulu Nchemba told reporters yesterday in Dar es Salaam that the funds would be used to implement the government’s strategic plan to tackle the pandemic, with a focus on prevention , improvement of the country’s hospital infrastructure such as the purchase of medical oxygen cylinders and vaccines. .

He made this observation during a meeting with foreign emissaries in Tanzania as well as with heads of international organizations organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation.

The minister sought to give the envoys an overview of the budget and the expected roles of foreign agencies in its implementation.

“We want the international community to understand that Tanzania is doing everything possible to fight the pandemic and we have been told by experts that hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the disease,” hence the need to ensure its availability. relevant materials, ”he said.

The funds would primarily be used to facilitate the war on COVID-19 by addressing challenges that derail efforts to overcome it, he said.

The meeting brought together development partner agencies wishing to know the situation in the fight against COVID-19. It was also attended by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Prof. Kitila Mkumbo, the Minister of Health Dr Dorothy Gwajima, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Dr Damas Ndumbaro and Minister of Foreign Affairs Liberata Mulamula.

The head of the European Union (EU) delegation, Manfredo Fanti, said that transparency in the implementation of the national budget as well as the fight against Covid-19 was crucial for the international community and development partners .

“It’s a positive start because we have to understand the key issues so that we know where to intervene, just in case we need to,” he said.

Mulamula said there were issues the envoys wanted to know, including when Tanzania would start releasing data on Covid-19, which she said the government would start doing soon, while Dr Gwajima said the ministry was already implementing recommendations from a team of experts on Covid. -19 which were accepted by the president.

Among other things, the committee advised the government to start publishing data on the pandemic, which the government has started to implement, for example the president recently noted that there were just over 100 patients, and the Bugando area referral hospital said cases are on the rise.

The government has started installing machines for the production of medical oxygen cylinders at major referral hospitals due to growing demand as the prevalence of Covid-19 increases.

The vital lakeside facility was looking for 500 oxygen cylinders per day to help the growing number of patients with respiratory complications.

President Samia previously said the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic was raging in major cities, reiterating the constant call for people to take the precautions recommended by experts.

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