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Islanders loan four talented players to AHL Bridgeport squad

The New York Islanders’ final roster is due today at 5:00 p.m. EST. In anticipation of the final roster, the Islands have made some reductions in the squad. They sent four players on loan to the Bridgeport Islanders.

Neither is a surprising move, but the four players will add additional talent to a growing talent pool for the Islanders AHL affiliate.

New York Islanders loan four talented players to Bridgeport

The four players loaned to Bridgeport are Samuel Bolduc (LHD), Robin Salo (LHD), Anatolii Golyshev (LW) and Richard Panik (F). All four should be key players for the B-Islanders.

Samuel Bolduc did not participate in the Islanders camp (injury), but the left-handed defenseman and second-round pick of 2019, had a landmark year at the AHL level in 2020-21. It’s an easy jump to assume that he will have an equally strong, if not better, year in 2021-2022 with increasing talent on the roster.

Robin salo turns a number of heads during training camp. Many had only heard of Salo and what he did in Sweden with Orebro, the training camp gave them the opportunity to see what some of us who watch prospects all year round have been saying for some time: “The islands have something in Salo.”

He will be easily be part of the top four of the B-Islanders and the quarterback one of the power play units. Expect a big year from the Finnish defender.

Anatolii Golychev is undersized for the NHL, but he’s not about to let that stop him. He impressed coach Barry Trotz with his work ethic, understanding of the system and his game in general. He hasn’t surpassed any of the veterans it seems, but you have to believe in another year he would be on the squad.

The Russian winger has been a productive player in the KHL, which is by far the second best hockey league in the world. Golyshev is effectively a 30-40 player at the NHL level when he uses translation factors to project his production in the NHL. He should be a big addition to the B-Islanders’ top six.

i am always surprised Richard panik did not make the list. But that could just be due to the camp. The Islanders can bury just over 80% of their hitting cap by having it in the AHL. It could be a light improvement over Leo Komarov, but maybe the team needed Leo’s $ 3million cap to ensure they were maximizing Boychuk LTIR’s money.

Of course, this is not news in itself. Panik successfully crossed the waivers on Sunday.

Panik hasn’t played in the AHL since 2013-14, but in three seasons in the AHL, the Slovakian forward has amassed 93 points in 128 games. Again, that was several years ago, but it’s clear that Panik can play well at the lower level.

These four players will add to the Bridgeport Islanders’ growing talent pool. The B-Islanders just opened their camp a few days ago, so their roster isn’t quite defined yet, but with the players at their disposal, you must be thinking that they will be a lot better than they were in 2020-2021.

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