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Stop irresponsible cash handouts to all arts, fartsie, social and parks and recreation groups – Campbell River Mirror

Stop irresponsible money distributions to all arts, fartsie, social and parks and recreation groups

I was totally overwhelmed to read that our dumb city hall administrators are announcing a three or four percent property tax increase for next year.

When you take into account the rapid rise in property values ​​and the additional income it generates on its own, you have to wonder where the logic comes from in making such unreasonable announcements?

There is also the fact that residential construction has added almost 2,000 homes in the past four years and that also adds to tax revenue.

I have been a resident of this community for 14 years and am appalled at the rate of tax increase, frivolous spending, and utter disregard for taxpayer revenues. Overpaid city workers and town hall officials, as well as irresponsible cash distributions to all artists, social groups, and parks and recreation groups are out of control.

Campbell River voters need to consider their choices more carefully and make sure the ones they choose bring us back to reality and more frugal spending!

Ray fortier

Campbell River

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