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Student Loan Waiver for Culinary Arts Graduates

Wallaby Organic has announced a student loan rebate competition for culinary arts graduates.

The Wallaby Culinary Dream Contest will award $ 15,000 in student loan rebate to two current or former cooking students.

The goal of the competition is “to help aspiring chefs achieve their dreams,” according to Lauren Baum, Senior Brand Manager at Wallaby Organic. She said Wallaby wanted to “return the favor” by giving back to food manufacturers and cooking enthusiasts. The money will help culinary arts graduates pay off student loans or open their own restaurant, food truck, or catering business.

The average salary for a person with a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts is $ 43,194, according to US Census Bureau data published in an article in 24/7 Wall Street.

According to an analysis of data from the 2015-16 National Post-Secondary Student Assistance Study (NPSAS: 16), the average debt at graduation for students majoring in personal and culinary services is $ 14,376 for certificates, $ 21,060 for associate’s degrees and $ 35,620 for bachelor’s degrees. . Of students with a Culinary Arts degree, 72% have a certificate, 23% an associate degree, and 5% a bachelor’s degree.

Wallaby Organic has teamed up with Chef Antonia Lofaso, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, cookbook author, TV personality and restaurant owner, to provide mentoring sessions to the contest winners. She will provide them with advice on starting and running a culinary business.

To enter the competition, applicants must be 18 years of age or older and currently be a cooking student or a culinary school graduate within the past ten years. Applicants must submit a 200-word essay on their culinary dreams and goals, as well as an original and creative recipe featuring Wallaby Organic Yogurt. The competition deadline is September 13, 2021.

Wallaby Organic is an Australian-style yogurt from Danone, known for the brands Activia, Dannon, Horizon Organic, Silk and YoCrunch.

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