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“Take the” credit “for the cash of the businessman”, dares the PM SP | India News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi traveling on the metro from Kanpur to Kanpur on Tuesday. Union Minister for Oil and Natural Gas, Housing and Urban Affairs Hardeep Singh Puri and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath are also seen. (Photo ANI)

KANPUR / LUCKNOW: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday traced the trace of unrecorded money of Rs 284 crore from arrested Kanpur perfume trader Piyush Jain to “the smell of corruption” in UP before 2017 and reported challenged the Samajwadi party leadership to “take credit for it”, just as they have done for every project BJP does.
“By ab woh muh pe tala laga ke baithe hain … credit lene nahi aa rahe hain (they are now speechless and don’t blame it either),” Modi said at a rally at the railroad by Nirala Nagar. ground after the inauguration of the first stage of the Kanpur metro.
“The bundles of banknotes (seized from Jain’s premises) were the opposition’s only achievement (when in government),” he said, alluding to the scandal. Jain was arrested on Sunday after searches of his premises in Kanpur and Kannauj led to the huge gain of money, in addition to 25 kg of gold and 250 kg of silver.
The PM’s salvo to SP comes two days after the BJP claimed Jain had ties to the party, a charge the latter quickly denied. Ex-CM Akhilesh Yadav’s party has clearly positioned itself against the BJP in high-stakes Assembly polls early next year.
Modi said parties whose “economic policies are driven by corruption and favoritism towards criminals” could not expect them to put the state on the path to development. “For previous governments, coming to power meant hitting the jackpot.
They would then plunder the state. Stressing that the establishment of the rule of law was the main prerequisite for industrial investment, the prime minister said that former state governments would instead let go of the “mafia rule”, triggering the very closure of existing industries. He said the people at UP were aware of how public money had been cheated on behalf of projects.
Modi said the BJP’s “twin-engine government” “is making up for this loss” by working “double-speed,” citing the country’s largest airport at Jewar, roads like the Purvanchal and Ganga highways, the road transit system rapid transit and a dedicated freight corridor. as examples of this. “This government knows how to set big goals and achieve them,” he said, referring to the on-time completion of a project as the most appropriate use of public money for the benefit of the people. He said running water, which had escaped millions of homes in UP, was becoming a reality thanks to the Har Ghar Jal mission.
The prime minister said it was disheartening to see the opposition struggling with every step the government took. “That is why they oppose any measures taken for the empowerment of women, whether it is the law against the ‘triple talaq’ or the increase in the marriageable age of girls. UP, which had achieved the dubious distinction of being the illegal weapons depot, was now poised to have a defense corridor, Modi said. The Prime Minister said that before 2014, the metro was only available in five Indian cities. “Today, UP alone has five cities with metro facilities. ”