Rapid cash

TranSigma delivers over $7 million in annualized free cash flow savings to our customer in the first of many use cases supported by Celonis

SHELTON, Connecticut–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TranSigma Consulting, an agile business transformation consulting firm, relies on Celonis to deliver accelerated value to its clients.

“Through our partnership with Celonis, we have enabled our clients to maximize value realization by facilitating the adoption of tools supported by process improvement, program management and change acceleration methodologies” President, TranSigma

Accounts Payable Process – Customer Story

Within 3 months,

$7 million or more


we allowed our client to

projected annualized free-

of all invoices with

to make meaningful

cash savings

unfavorable conditions were




  • Over 1.5 million invoices and $12 billion annualized invoice value paid without mechanism to ensure alignment with negotiated terms

  • Management acknowledged there was a potential impact on free cash flow, but lacked the means to quantify and target the issues

  • When the payment terms analysis was developed, the team went into action to understand the impact and quantify the size of the price


  • Using Celonis’ process mining capabilities, we enabled our client to identify key vendors that did not reflect appropriate payment terms.

  • We developed a Celonis action flow that targeted payment time misalignments by sending a weekly report of invoices for review and corrective action.

“With the support of the Celonis tool, we were able to proactively quantify, prioritize and update any term mismatches in our systems that did not correctly reflect current vendor master terms. Going forward, the tool will continue to help me capture any unnecessary future cash drain in terms of terms disconnection and pre-payment action.” Director of Global Buying, Fortune 500 GIC

“We are an organization that specializes in helping businesses uncover and fix inefficiencies they can’t see, enabling them to reach unprecedented levels. Celonis provides our business with the ability to identify further opportunities for our customers to be leaner and more efficient,” said Ryan Metz, president of TranSigma. “Leveraging our partnership with Celonis and their industry-leading technology, TranSigma can deliver real-time automation and process visualizations across large and diverse technology ecosystems to provide insight into how organizations actually operate. This information effectively exposes the root cause of process failures, enabling rapid optimization and value realization. »

TranSigma has a history of helping companies dramatically improve their processes through data-driven insights, process excellence, and facilitating change with customers and partners. Getting to know and understand a business is the best way to identify opportunities and realize value. With this partnership, TranSigma commits to continuing the promise of process improvement to customers who are ready to integrate this revolutionary technology into their world.

About TranSigma

Digital process transformation is TranSigma’s mission. The company’s unique data-driven approach uses agility, change management and lean process re-engineering to drive your transformation strategies. Specialized in-house skills such as IT, finance, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, banking and enterprise data management are fully integrated into its service delivery teams. For more information, visit www.transigma.com.