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VA home loan to GI Bill used over 25 million times

As the largest VA purchase lender, Veterans United Home Loans’ mission is to help veterans use their earned benefits to fulfill the American Dream and return home, said Pam Swan. And as the wife of a retired Army veteran and legionary, Swan knows how important these benefits are to military families.

Swan explained to Legionaries at the 102nd National Convention in Phoenix on September 1 that since the inception of the VA home loan program in the original GI Bill, the VA loan has been used over 25 million times. And last year, for the first time, veterans used their VA benefit over a million times.

“The GI Bill has been the cornerstone of our success. And without the Legion, there wouldn’t be a GI Bill, ”said Swan, vice president of military relations and business development for Veterans United Home Loans. “It put the veterans on the road to success. He dramatically expanded the scope and importance of VA, transforming it from an organization with a limited mission to one that stands alongside veterans throughout their lives. For many veterans, this path includes home ownership.

Swan thanked the American Legion for “its role in creating and protecting the GI Bill for generations of American veterans and their families.” For over a century, the Legion has used its platform to improve the lives of our Veterans, their families and our service members. Each year, the Legion strives to protect and expand hard-earned and well-earned benefits. Not all of the work the Legion has done is well known or has immediate impact as GI Bill. “

Swan added that last year, through its Make It Mean More campaign, the Veterans United Home Loans foundation repaid the home loans of 11 veterans.

In May, Veteran United Home Loans joined the American Legion’s mission to help reduce veteran suicide. “We pledged $ 2 million to build on the great work the Legion is already doing,” Swan said. “This will allow the Legion to expand programs and opportunities for Legionaries. This will increase the opportunities for peer training. It will help distribute important mental health and wellness tools and resources across the American Legion infrastructure. In other words, it will save lives.

“Without the Legion’s advocacy over the years, without the courageous stand of the Legionaries to address mental health issues that can lead to suicidal thoughts, this program would not exist. This program could not exist.

“We must continue to work in raising our struggling brothers and sisters. We must continue to fight against those who would stigmatize invisible wounds. We must continue to devote resources to caring for those who endured the battle. We owe it to them and we owe it to each other.

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