Villainous loan shark beat cash-strapped woman who owed him money and threatened to cut off her head

A vicious Brighouse loan shark pounced on a vulnerable drug addict who owed him money and threatened to cut his head off with a meat cleaver.

Daniel Geddes had given the woman £ 20 at a time to buy crack cocaine, but after charging exorbitant interest rates that debt had increased to between £ 1,500 and £ 2,400.

During the violent attack in a ginnel in March 2021, Geddes jumped with all his might on his lightly built victim twice as she lay helpless on the ground and produced a butcher’s meat cleaver he was holding in the over his head.

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Bradford Crown Court has learned how Geddes ordered the woman to show his neck in what the judge said was a clear threat to cut off his head.

He then grabbed her leg as if to cut her ankle as she twisted on the ground in defense.

Another man with Geddes told her to stop and they fled the scene, but the injured victim was so afraid to report the incident that she spent two days in agony at home struggling to breathe.

When she finally went to the hospital, it was discovered that she had a displaced rib fracture that had punctured her lung and fluid was filling the cavity.

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Bradford judge Richard Mansell QC said it was a fatal injury that could have killed the woman if she had not gone to hospital when she did.

In the days leading up to the attack, the 45-year-old drug addict had grown increasingly desperate for money and Judge Mansell QC said Geddes was behaving like a “paranoid psychotic crack addict”.

In a threatening text message, Geddes threatened to “lose an eye” when he was convinced the woman was trying not to pay off the debt.

On Wednesday, Geddes, who refused to attend court from prison, was convicted by a jury of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm and was jailed in absentia for 10 years.

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“On the day of the offense, and for days before, you had grown more and more desperate to have her pay off that debt that you had created exorbitantly by your loan shark interest rates that you knew she had no chance to repay, ”the judge said.

“You had indeed trapped her in a cycle of debt from which she had no chance to escape.”

The judge said Geddes, of Rosemary Close, Rastrick, Brighouse, saw the woman as a “meal ticket” after losing her job at a lumber yard.

“You tried to get away from what you did that day. Like so many cowardly men who use extreme violence against vulnerable women, you couldn’t muster the courage to stand in this pier and challenge one of the Three Witnesses, but instead turned back. prison by describing the trial as a pantomime when it had become difficult for you. because you wouldn’t cooperate with your excellent legal team, ”said the judge.

At the time of the attack, Geddes was still in custody after being jailed for four years for a serious house burglary in Huddersfield.

Judge Mansell said Geddes had resumed using Class A drugs and had become desperate, manipulative, uncontrollable and violent.

The judge imposed an indefinite removal order that bars Geddes from contacting his victim or witnesses in the case who he says had the courage to come forward and bring the accused to justice.

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