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Why did Faulconer get so much money from farmers and oil tankers?

Larry Elder and Kevin Paffrath: received more votes than third-placed Kevin Faulconer.

Kevin’s big financial crash

After a third place as Gavin NewsomPotential replacement for former San Diego mayor in last week’s recall contest, uncertain fundraising outlook looms Kevin faulconer. So far, the Point Loma Republican has made a point of collecting a series of six-figure donations from supporters of Donald trump. Figures from the California Secretary of State show he received $ 2,551,295 from Jan. 1 to Aug. 28 for his 2021 abseiling fund, and $ 2,211,248 over the same period for his “scouting” committee of governor 2022, intended for next year. He spent $ 2,191,994 from the 2021 fund and $ 2,097,891 from the 2022 Exploratory Prize Pool. Despite the avalanche of money, Faulconer never caught fire in the midst of the first place winner and host of conservative radio talk show Larry Elder and second democrat Kevin Paffrath, an influencer on YouTube.

Kevin Faulconer: Number three in the polls, but the other numbers are good.

Yet the final weeks of the recall campaign were like previous ones for Faulconer, who, despite voters’ indifference to him, continued to raise significant campaign funds from the oil drilling and gas fracking lobby. natural state. September 3, Ken hunter, who runs Vaquero Energy and who has long fought Kern County farmers in court over more expansive drilling rights, thrown in $ 20,000 for Faulconer’s offering. “Normally,” said Hunter, “he has no problem working with farmers who own the land above his oil fields,” said the Californian Bakersfield reported in June 2019. “When he needs access to surface property, he negotiates, writes a check for any loss of agricultural production, then arranges to do any surface work required by his oil interest. But he said the county upset the balance of power in such talks by forcing oil companies to seek approval from surface land owners for any oil-related construction. Wealthy agricultural interests also flocked to Faulconer’s campaign, including Buttonwillow Warehouse Company, ranked twentieth on CropLife.comlist of the 100 largest agrarian retailers in the country in terms of turnover. Faulconer’s last-minute donor, Buttonwillow paid out $ 2,400 on September 13, the day before the election. And two weeks earlier, the first of the month, maven computer accessories Chester pipkin, who has an address in low-tax Stateline, Nevada, found $ 10,000. August 2011 Daily breeze Profile of Pipkin, a longtime Californian entrepreneur who was said to have lived in Manhattan Beach at the time, recounted his support for charter schools. “Pipkin insists he’s not one of those people who thinks charter schools are the silver bullet, but he understands just how more receptive they are to experimentation in general.”

Peddle for todd and potty

According to a request for proposal posted last month on the city’s online vendor portal, the Democratic Mayor of San Diego Todd gloria is looking for a lobbyist in Washington who will cost taxpayers $ 840,000 over five years. “The contractor must work under the political direction of the mayor and be administratively responsible to the person appointed by the mayor,” says the document, dated August 19. “The main responsibility of the contractor will be to secure federal funding and other legislative priorities for the city, including advocating with legislative and regulatory decision makers on behalf of the city. This will include, but is not limited to, direct advocacy with federal officials, lawmakers, and their staff to advance legislation and proactively seek opportunities to strengthen the City of San Diego on its policy priorities. According to a December 2020 report from Gloria’s director of government affairs Adrien Granda, the city has maintained two incumbent lobbyists, Platinum Advisors, LLC based in Sacramento for lobbying in California, and Squire Patton Boggs of Washington, DC to handle federal influence peddling.

Todd Gloria: think locally, lobby nationally

In May, the Washington post listed Patton Boggs among DC lobbying firms with links to questionable governments, including China’s. “The company’s January file with the Justice Department reported payments of $ 330,000 from the Chinese Embassy for the previous six months of work, which included advice on” US policy regarding Hong Kong, Taiwan , Xinjiang and Tibet, “among other places where Beijing has been attempting to muzzle dissidents and” human rights issues, “according to the company’s latest file with the registry database. foreign officials of the Ministry of Justice. Viviane Moreno will seek re-election next year and has already set up a fundraising committee, according to documents filed Sept. 7 with the city clerk. During her first candidacy, the former assistant to a former municipal councilor David Alvarez, now a lobbyist, received $ 2,200 from a fundraiser hosted by Cynara Velazquez of Community Engagement Resources. The lobbyist’s firm represented the United Patients Alliance / Association of Cannabis Professionals and the South Bay Dreams Cooperative, on behalf of “the authorization of the manufacture and cultivation of medical marijuana in the city of San Diego,” according to an August 2017 disclosure record … A July 8 Justice Department press release tells the story: “Medical device makers Alere Inc. and Alere San Diego Inc. (collectively, Alere) have agreed to pay $ 38.75 million to resolve allegations that companies violated the False Claims Act by billing, and causing others to bill, the Medicare program for faulty point-of-service rapid test devices. “

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