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Of course you have to prove that the loan is covered by the rental income. In the case of a loan termination then the guarantor would be liable and also receive a negative credit bureau registration. There is so much in this house, would I get a loan? Use our mortgage calculators to find out how much money you have available each month for a loan. It is inconceivable that you can afford full funding, especially if another child comes and a salary is lost.

Do I get a loan as a student?

Do I get a loan as a student?

How much capital does it have to have if the property is to cost USD 1,300,000? Is it enough for a wage of around 3,000 USD? do you receive a loan? and if you have 40% of equity? Recently we saw a report in which a homestay with 2 children and the man work independently and the wife is enough for her husband about 3000 USD per month. Can you get a loan from the house bank if the wife works for her husband?

Credits Why buying a home from today on will be more difficult

Credits Why buying a home from today on will be more difficult

He almost did not believe in him anymore. And that’s a lot, even for a “really cool neighborhood,” as the website says. Since claims on lenders have risen since the financial market crisis, banks are now slowing down. Within twelve months, the price of Berlin apartments rose by 15.6 percentage points, according to empirica’s market research.

It has risen in Munich by 13.5 percentage points, in Stgt. even by just under 20 percentage points. The IQWiG regularly examines the prices of properties and calculates: Purchase prices are growing much faster than rental prices. Apparently, many customers are at any purchase price, although it is not clear whether they can get back the capital through rental within a reasonable time.

In western Germany, purchase prices rose by 7.9 percentage points in 2015, but rents only by 3.7 percentage points. In eastern Germany, the difference is even greater from 6.9 to 1.2 percentage points. According to Dundes bank, the volume of loans granted in 2015 was 3.5 percentage points higher than in the previous year. In the long-term average, it is even around five years.

Nonetheless, credit institutions are concerned about two scenarios: the rising prices of residential real estate left credit institutions safe to weigh as lending rates declined.

The 100 percent financing is still at 16 percent. However, with a sudden market-wide decline in 2010, this value could rise to as much as 40%. This is also possible with retroactive effect, since the open loans were partly above the value of the apartments after a fall in prices. No one is currently predicting such a decline.

In the case of a correction on the real estate market, credit institutions can only compensate for rising credit burdens if other business areas remain unchanged. Therefore, credit institutions must be on the safe side. “You are very careful.” “If you want to finance your million-dollar villa on the outskirts of the city 90%, you may be on the back. The Federal Association of German Mortgage Banks e. V. also: “In view of the price developments, credit institutions carefully check whether the mortgage lending value is below the market value and how high the default risk is in the event of a general fall in prices.

“The fact that the price level does not rise arbitrarily upwards helps the bank to do less good. For example, a new federal law will come into force next month, obliging all banks to scrutinize each individual borrower once again. You should not only review your current financial position, but also together with him to look into the future development.

The credit officers moan about the extra work, because nobody could predict the further development anyway. “For consumers, it is logical not to be persuaded to an order that they can not really pay,” says expert, CFO of the Federal Association of Consumer Centers. A mis-recommendation can now become costly for credit institutions.

“The tightened credit check results in restrictions in the product range,” says Dundes, one of the largest mortgage lenders in the federal government. Especially for older people, it becomes more difficult from the bank’s perspective. If it was foreseeable that the pension subsequently granted would not be sufficient to cover the loan volume still in process, the loan application would have to be rejected.

The amounts have already increased in recent years. In 2015, Interhyp customers generated an average of USD 90,700. The mortgage lending rate, ie the loan portion of the purchase price, increased only slightly from 70.3 to 71.7 per cent. Annual repayment rates have risen from 2.29% in 2010 to 2.8% in 2015, facilitated by low interest rates.

This also helps to relieve credit institutions of exchange rate risks.